Director: R T Madinane

NOMGWENYA SECURITY SERVICES is a very successful emerging company having just over seven years in the security industry. We boast services rendered to Government Departments, eg. Department of Sports and Recreation, Department of Transport, Department of Agriculture and also our latest Wakefields successfully. Also our business expanded to guarding of buildings, retail stores, outlets, shopping complexes, warehouses, lost control and tracing. We are financially stable and able to find any of the tendered sites.  

NOMGWENYA SECURITY SERVICES has its own armed response unit and is fully equipped to handle any situation that they might confront and a back up service is also in place at any given time. Strict inspections will be carried out every 6 hours excluding the dropping or picking up of security officers. If and when additional firearms are needed then a decision will be taken with the head of security of your institution or company to deploy firearms on site. To ensure a better service, a 24 hour radio control will be linked to control room. For every 20 security officers there will be one inspector, all inspectors will be overseen by area managers.